BELGIUM mk2 shell

This is essentially a clone of the standard British Mk2 helmet, used by Belgium in the late 1940s, early 1950s. The shells are Belgian postwar manufacture, beginning in 1949.
These are definitely not British WW1 or WW2 helmets repainted in Belgian markings!


BELGIUM mk2 liner detail

The liners are Belgian manufacture and are stamped ABL, signifying Belgian Army in French and Flemish, with a year of manufacture and size indicator.
(ABL = Armee Belge/Belgische Leger)




BELGIUM_mk2  liner






BELGIUM_Despatch Rider - liner

This very light fibre helmet seems entirely glued together, there are no apparent screws or fixings, it would be impossible to repair and is clearly a throwaway item if damaged.


BELGIUM_Despatch Rider - shell

I believe this to be a Belgian copy of the British 1941 fibre DR helmet.
This very small and very light piece of equipment does not fill me with any confidence!


BELGIUM_Despatch Rider - strap detail

Despite its flimsy nature this is a competently made and well finished piece of kit.


BELGIUM_Despatch Rider - stamp detail

This stamp is on the lower of the two cross-strips of fabric shown in the general liner view.
TAWO must be the manufacturer (?), ABL is the standard Belgian military mark, as referred to above.
1950 is clearly the year of manufacture and 57 the size.