IRAQ_M80 side

I am taking it on trust when Joseba Revuelda gives this the nomination of 'M80' - I have not seen it referred to as such elsewhere.
It definitely is, however, a South Korean designed  ballistic plastic helmet that has been in service with the Iraqi military since the late 1970s; as to whether it is a ROK export item or is made in Iraq, I am back in the dark!


IRAQ_M80 front

There are similar Iraqi plastic helmets in circulation that have much larger flatter 'rivets' or studs holding in the liner, positioned differently to those on this 'M80'; Joseba has given those the denomination of M90 and states that they are an Iraqi produced helmet.


IRAQ_M80 liner

The chinstrap of this helmet is virtually identical to the 'ball' T-1 type used on US  M1 helmets from the late 1944 onwards.


IRAQ_M80 liner detail