IRELAND Vickers 1927 front

A direct - though cheaply made of light steel - copy of   the German M16. The Irish Army wanted to buy German surplus or even new manufacture, but were unable to because of trade restrictions placed on Germany after the Great War by the Allied Powers.  
The Irish government then contracted with Vickers Engineering, the UK firm, to produce a straightforward copy of the German M16.




IRELAND Vickers 1927   front detail

Note the sockets for the badge that would have been on all Irish Army helmets.  These helmets were originally pained dark bottle green when in use by the Irish Army, but were relegated to civil defence use before WW2 and the badges removed and most of the shells painted white.
This example has been repainted black at a later date, as traces of the civil defence white still show in the interior.




IRELAND Vickers 1927   liner





IRELAND Vickers 1927 detail

Take a look here for a more detailed description of the life and times of the Vickers1927.



 IRELAND Vickers 1927

Even with my poor eyesight I recognised this at once as a Vickers   1927 at 5 meters in Tony's shop in Reading and rushed to buy it.. A bargain at 75. My most expensive helmet purchase so far, but a real pleasure.




IRELAND Vickers 1927 stamp detail




IRELAND Vickers 1927 top

Thousands of these helmets were bulldozed into the ground as   foundation filling for an Irish Army barracks in the 1970s. More than half the original production run - which wasn't a lot to start with - was destroyed that day.
If only the Irish had known then how much they could have sold them for just a few years later.....