Also known as the NE44a or the M59 according to one authority, Bruno Murgia, as featured on Michele Tagliavini's website.
The '44' does not relate to year of design or manufacture. Produced after the Second World War, these were standard Yugoslav issue until the breakup of the state


YUGOSLAVIA NE44 interior

The NE44b (aka M59/85) has slightly different fixings (triangular rather than rectangular) for the liner-band-to-shell, and may (it is hard to tell from photographs alone) have a slightly different contour to the rim.
Bruno tells me that the NE44b has less outward flare to the lower edges of the shell.


YUGOSLAVIA NE44 liner detail


YUGOSLAVIA NE44 interior

This example has a patch of dried mud inside, with some suspicious streaks, and as it was a field pickup it might have more sinister contents. It hasn't been cleaned. Maybe it ought to be.